How To Attach Youtube To Google Analytics

I previously owned two Facebook groups for YouTube marketing purposes. Thousands of members promoted their videos and channels daily, which was astonishing to see. Many people believe marketing on Facebook is a viable way to grow their channels but is it?
Before we entertain Facebook, any serious conversation about marketing starts with how to monitor and analyze your promotional activities.
Google Analytics
Promoting your videos on Facebook could very well be worthwhile, and you’ll be able to track your results with Google Analytics (GA). Google Analytics is a free web service that provides statistics for website management and performance. If you’re new to Google Analytics, I recommend taking Google’s official course for beginners. I use Google Analytics daily to review my website’s performance. I find the mobile app to be more user-friendly than the web app, but both are useful.
Google Analytics tracks many data points including traffic source, user location, device, language, browser, time on page, and more. Regarding traffic sources, GA monitors six channels, i.e., organic, direct, referral, social, email, and paid. For instance, if someone clicks through to your video from Facebook, GA will attribute the visit to social. Learn more about traffic sources.
Connect your YouTube channel to Google Analytics to better understand your traffic sources and results. Here are the steps to link your account:
  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Copy your property’s tracking ID. If you don’t have a one set up, learn how to set up a property in Google Analytics.
  3. Go to your YouTube Advanced Settings
  4. At the bottom, paste your tracking ID into the Google Analytics property tracking ID.
  5. Click Save.
YouTube Analytics
YouTube Analytics is another useful tool and differs from GA. YouTube Analytics provides real-time metrics and reports. Reports are grouped into three buckets, that is, revenue, watch time, and interaction. There is some overlap between YouTube Analytics and GA, but GA is arguably better for measuring your offsite marketing activities and Youtubeexternal traffic. The use of both tools will give you a comprehensive view of your channel’s performance.
Note: YouTube will be replacing Creator Studio with YouTube Studio. Analytics and reporting are presented differently but contain much of the same information.

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