List Of Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi friends, we're all in the modern age of computer and Technology. You have to get help from a computer or a mobile phone in your daily life, from getting up to sleep. 

In fact, in this age of computers, we can not survive without computers or mobile devices. Anyone who reads writing in the past would have been educated, but today it is not. 

Those that can be properly used by computers or mobile devices are counted as educated. It's a skill in handling machines and tools. You need to know the computer shortcuts to make it work faster while working on your computer. 

So here are the shortcuts you need on this mind-blowing information website for your computer. Become a computer master by using them and practicing the right thing!!

Shortcut Keys And Their Action

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Important Shortcut Keys for Computer

Key CombinationAction
CTRL+ASelect All
F2Rename selected object
F3Find all files
F4Opens file list drop-down in dialogs
F5Refresh current window
F6Shifts focus in Windows Explorer
F10Activates menu bar options
ALT+TABCycles between open applications
ALT+F4Quit program, close current window
ALT+F6Switch between current program windows
ALT+ENTEROpens properties dialog
ALT+SPACESystem menu for current window
ALT+¢Opens drop-down lists in dialog boxes
BACKSPACESwitch to parent folder
CTRL+ESCOpens the Start menu
CTRL+ALT+DELOpens task manager, reboots the computer
CTRL+TABMove through property tabs
CTRL+SHIFT+DRAGCreate shortcut (also right-click, drag)
ESCCancel last function
SHIFTPress/hold SHIFT, insert CD-ROM to bypass auto-play
SHIFT+F10Opens context menu (same as right-click)
SHIFT+DELETEFull wipe delete (bypasses Recycle Bin)
ALT+underlined letterOpens the corresponding menu

PC Keyboard Shortcuts 

Document Cursor Controls

Key CombinationAction
HOMEto beginning of line or far left of field or screen
ENDto end of line, or far right of field or screen
CTRL+HOMEto the top
CTRL+ENDto the bottom
PAGE UPmoves document or dialog box up one page
PAGE DOWNmoves document or dialog down one page
ARROW KEYSmove focus in documents, dialogs, etc.
CTRL+ >next word
CTRL+SHIFT+ >selects word

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Explorer Tree Control

Key CombinationAction
Numeric Keypad *Expand all under current selection
Numeric Keypad +Expands current selection
Numeric Keypad –Collapses current selection
¦Expand current selection or go to first child
Collapse current selection or go to parent

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Special Characters

Key CombinationAction
alt 0145Opening single quote
alt 0146Closing single quote
alt 0147Opening double quote
alt 0148Closing double quote
alt 0150– En dash
alt 0151— Em dash
alt 0133… Ellipsis
alt 0149• Bullet
alt 0174® Registration Mark
alt 0169© Copyright
alt 0153™ Trademark
alt 0176° Degree symbol
alt 0162¢ Cent sign
alt 01881⁄4
alt 01891⁄2
alt 01903⁄4
alt 0233é
alt 0201É
alt 0241ñ
alt 0247÷

PC Keyboard Shortcuts

File menu options in current program

Key CombinationAction
Alt + EEdit options in current program
F1Universal help (for all programs)
Ctrl + ASelect all text
Ctrl + XCut selected item
Shift + DelCut selected item
Ctrl + CCopy selected item
Ctrl + InsCopy selected item
Ctrl + VPaste
Shift + InsPaste
HomeGo to beginning of current line
Ctrl + HomeGo to beginning of document
EndGo to end of current line
Ctrl + EndGo to end of document
Shift + HomeHighlight from current position to beginning of line
Shift + EndHighlight from current position to end of line
Ctrl + fMove one word to the left at a time
Ctrl + gMove one word to the right at a time

PC Keyboard Shortcuts


Key CombinationAction
Alt + TabSwitch between open applications
Alt +Shift + TabSwitch backwards between open applications
Alt + Print ScreenCreate screen shot for current program
Ctrl + Alt + DelReboot/Windows® task manager
Ctrl + EscBring up start menu
Alt + EscSwitch between applications on taskbar
F2Rename selected icon
F3Start find from desktop
F4Open the drive selection when browsing
F5Refresh contents
Alt + F4Close current open program
Ctrl + F4Close window in program
Ctrl + Plus KeyAutomatically adjust widths of all columns in Windows Explorer
Alt + EnterOpen properties window of selected icon or program
Shift + F10Simulate right-click on selected item
Shift + DelDelete programs/files permanently
Holding Shift During Boot upBoot safe mode or bypass system files
Holding Shift During Boot up When putting in an audio CDwill prevent CD Player from playing

PC Keyboard Shortcuts



Key CombinationAction
WINKEY + DBring desktop to the top of other windows
WINKEY + MMinimize all windows
WINKEY +SHIFT + MUndo the minimize done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D
WINKEY + EOpen Microsoft Explorer
WINKEY + TabCycle through open programs on taskbar
WINKEY + FDisplay the Windows® Search/Find feature
WINKEY + CTRL + FDisplay the search for computers window
WINKEY + F1Display the Microsoft® Windows® help
WINKEY + ROpen the run window
WINKEY + Pause /BreakOpen the system properties window
WINKEY + UOpen utility manager
WINKEY + LLock the computer (Windows XP® & later)

So, friends, you must have understood all the above computer keyboard shortcuts. Make use the most of these computer keyboard shortcuts to remember them. 


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