The Compact Secondary Substation

The world is growing today. With the advent of technology, we live in a global village today. Space is becoming a scarce resource.  Thus, innovations are needed to ensure space savings in Electrical Infrastructure. Compact Secondary Substation (CSS) is an example of such a scheme.
Conventional substations have components as follows :
1)      MV Incoming with DP structure along with MV Circuit Breaker or Load Break Switch (LBS)
2)      Distribution Transformer
3)      LT Panel or Feeder Pillar.
4)      Interconnections between the various components.

Conventional Substation due to its arrangement has following pros and cons:
1)      Large size. A conventional substation has a large footprint. It normally needs an area of 10m * 6m (minimum) for its installation.
2)      Low initial investment.
3)      High Installation costs
4)      High maintenance costs.
5)      While every component installed in the substation can be type tested, it is not possible to test the package as every product comes from a different manufacturer. Hence , reliability of such an installation is low.

In a compact substation, the following components are considered :
1)      MV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
2)      Distribution Transformer (Oil cooled or Air cooled)
3)      LT Outgoings.
4)      Enclosure complete with interconnections.

A CSS has following pros and cons :
1)      Slightly high initial investment.
2)      Small size and footprint. Standard room can be 6.5m * 4.5m (With advent in technology, these dimensions can be smaller)
3)      As the CSS comes with complete interconnections, it has very low installation costs.
4)      Practically maintenance free life.
5)      The complete assembly can be type tested as a package. Thus it has very high reliability.
With all the above advantages, CSS is being widely used in Buildings as well as Industries.  

Please note that the CSS you purchase needs to be type tested as per the latest IEC/IS standard to be suitable for use in the current infrastructure.  Hence it is recommended to buy it only from reputed manufacturers.
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