Way To Earn More Revenue With Google Adsense Ad

Google Adsense Program has become a major revenue earner for so many bloggers and website owners these days. But come, are all bloggers earning big with their Google Adsense? The answer is an emphatic “NO”.
Quite a number of bloggers are not able to make their first $100 in the first three years of blogging. You don’t believe me? Visit blogging forums and raise that topic; just ask members to tell you how many of them have not cashed their first checks and you would be amazed at the alarming number.

Yet there are those bloggers who earn thousands of dollars monthly from Google Adsense. I am going to mention just three of these top earners because of time. Their claims are verifiable; they are making it big with their sites online. You too can make it, only if you know what to do.
  1. +Pete Cashmore of Mashable
    earns about $600,000 in Google Adsense Ad from his blog’s 25M page
    views monthly. Hope this doesn’t blow off your head? This makes him the
    top earner.
  2. Shawn Hogan of digital point
    earns about $500,000 monthly from Google Adsense revenue alone, from
    his blog’s monthly views of about 25M. This site was founded in 1995 and
    focuses on the areas of blogging, SEO, marketing, etc.
  3. Mario Lavandeira of Perez Hilton
    is one of the top earners. He earns about $200,000 monthly from Adsense
    as well. His site was founded in 2005 and now gets about a million hits
    everyday. The site is focused on celebrity gossips.
The list is actually endless; but I just decided to talk about only three so as to let you know there are people making a full time living from their blogs. To get to the point of earning high revenue with your blog, you really need to work hard and get things right.
Earn more revenue with Google Adsense Ad
I know you are already saying in your mind that you would never be able to earn that big even if you break a bank. You are partially right; but not completely right.
When the likes of Pete Cashmore, Shawn Hogan, Mario Lavandeira, Michael Arrington, etc. started, they never thought they would get to where they are today. So anybody can actually get there, including you.
Having heard all the stories of those earning fat, how do you increase your own chances of making it with Google Adsense?
You need to do the following:
1. Increase your traffic
You must have noticed that one thing is common to the three persons we used as our case studies – TRAFFIC. All the three sites mentioned here have traffic of at least 25M views per month.
So to stand a chance, you must improve your site traffic. You may not be able to drive 25M people to your site, but at least you can do something to improve the current situation.
You can do this by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. to increase the amount to traffic that comes to your site. Become more active and more purposeful with social media and your traffic would improve.
You can check out +Ibrahim Abdullahi  guest post on how to increase blog traffic for more tips.
2. Quality Content
Content is King”. I am sure you have heard that slogan before.
Why do you think people flock to Mashable, Techcrunch, Weblog, Digital point, Shoe money, Tweetmeme, Technorati, boing boing, forbes, etc in their millions?

There is simply quality content that keeps them engaged. When the quality of content you have on your site improves, more readers would be attracted and more sites would naturally link to the blog.
3. Ad Positioning
The position of the ad on your blog matters a lot.
Most visitors to your blog have their eyes on the right sidebar and top panel. So why place your Adsense ad block in the left sidebar or below the comment box where they would hardly be seen by anyone.
To increase the chances of earning more, place your Google Adsense block on the right sidebartop panel and inside your content.
4. Improve your Page rank
Have you not noticed that people tend to migrate toward blogs with Google Page rank of 3 and above? Why do they do that? It is because we are all selfish.
Everybody is looking for where to get some form of benefit or advantage. So, they see the higher PR blogs as a place to get link juice from comments, guest article submission, backlink building, etc.
Apart from improving your Google page rank, you should also put in more efforts to improve your Alexa rank too. Advertisers favour sites with Alexa rank that is below 200,000.
If you get these two right, tendency is that more readers would come and that would eventually translate into higher Google Adsense Ad revenue.

5. Enable Commentluv
 or Google+ Comments
Blogs with commentluv enabled are attracting more visits, more comments and more interactions these days. It might slightly dilute your PR but it would bring more traffic and increase your revenue in the process. It is a matter of making a choice as to what you want, between SEO and revenue.
If you activate Google+ comments on your blog, you will likely get more traffic from Google+, which in turn will lead to increase in the money you make from Adsense.
6. Involve your friends
Sometimes you may not be able to fight the battle alone; you need the involvement of friends. You have to build relationship with fellow bloggers in the same niche with you.
Each time you publish a new post, send them the link to share with their social circles. You can leverage on this to increase your traffic and trust.
Why do you think I am building a relationship with the probloggers via guest posts? It is for exposure, traffic, recognition, enlargement of my coast and increase in revenue. If they recommends me to their followers for example, it could explode my traffic overnight and also increase my revenue in the long run.
In order to increase your chances of earning big with your Google Adsense Ad, try to implement the recommendations above. Once this is rightly done, you will notice an increase in your Adsense revenue in the next couple of weeks.
Are there areas I have omitted?  Your contributions are needed. Please let me know your thoughts.

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